1. – 31.04.2019 | L.eO. | Martina Jole Moro



A Projekt by Martina Jole Moro

L.eO. brings performance art and virtual reality together, to allow parallel experiences in real and virtual space. A „work in process“ of 1 month with two main public events. In the first meeting, the appearence of the visitors in a real room will provide the visual and acoustic content. They will be thought how to precieve light and how to control their presence within its manifestation. In the second event, this content will be transformed and translated to be able to manifest in the virtual world. A transition between real and unreal will take place, where sound and visual transportation will prepare the visitors for a new parallel environment.

The input of a new reality are shadows

The general intent of the L.eO. project is to create an alternative reality that is made of something that we are familiar with, but is commonly not perceived as an identity of it’s own, light. Light helps us to understand depth and shape of our surroundings and casted shadows allow us to analyze physical space. L.eO. has the unique ability to see them as individual elements, with which he will produce new form and new matter, with the potential to become an environment in an alternate reality.

L.eO. is a multi-dimensional entity that needs us to manifest. He interposes himself between the eye and the brain to override the visual and acoustic impulses and by that creates the new, simulated world. A shape shifting entity that exists to transform vision into new realities. The visitor plays a front line role in the experience but is not in control of the result.

L.eO. will be brought to life, operated and guided by Martina Jole Moro, in collaboration with Verschub.

Projektzeitraum BRUX / Freies Theater Innsbruck: 1.-30. April 2019